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EasyIndex WordPress Index Plugin
WordPress Indexes Made Easy!

EasyIndex is simple and intuitive to use, and you have complete control so your indexes wil be uniquely your own

What is EasyIndex?

EasyIndex creates photo or text indexes from your WordPress blog content.
You select what it is you want to index, pick an index style, and publish.

It really is that easy.

Easy to Create

Easy to create and customize image or text indexes based on any WordPress grouping (taxonomy)

Easy to Implement

Traditional WordPress index creation methods can be quite dificult and clumsy to implement

Easy to Customize

Create attractive indexes “out of the box” with easy customisations that don’t require a degree in geek


Easy to Create

Simply decide what to index, choose the index style and publish. EasyIndex takes care of everything else.

Automatically Updated

Once you've set up an index, new posts are indexed automatically

Photo or Text Indexes

You can have photo or text indexes - or both!

Colors, Background and Fonts

Make your index match your blog style with colors, background and fonts

Add Borders, Shadows and More

EasyIndex Plus allows you to customize almost every formatting option for text, images and boxes.

Pinterest Style Post Gallery

Create a Pinterest style gallery of your posts in just a few easy steps.

Customer Testimonials

Start Creating Easy Indexes

Simplify your web content creation process today by making your life easier with the EasyIndex WordPress plugin.

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  • All the basic features
  • 9 index styles
  • Basic formatting
  • Custom CSS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EasyIndex easy to install?

You can install EasyIndex Free directly from the WordPress plugin page. Just search for "EasyIndex"!

To install EasyIndex Plus, download the plugin from the link you see when you purchase and use "Upload Plugin" on the WordPress "Add Plugin" page.

How does EasyIndex work?

EasyIndex reads all the posts in a selected taxonomy (i.e. categories, tags or other any other grouping your theme or plugins may have defined) and filters them by terms you select. It automatically scans each post for a suitable image to make a thumbnail from and then displays all the thumbnails grouped by terms, or in an ungrouped gallery

What does EasyIndex do that WordPress can’t?

EasyIndex makes it really easy to select exactly what it is you want to index (you don't have to know post or category IDs) and then lets you format your index just the way you want it.

Can I use EasyIndex "out of the box"?


You can create an index in just a few minutes with minimal setup. All you need to do is click "Add new" index, select what it is you want to index, and hit "Publish". Job done!

There's all sorts of goodies that you can adjust later, but you can create a serviceable index right out of the box.

How can I customize EasyIndex?

There are 4 levels of customization in EasyIndex.

First you can decide the style of index you want. EasyIndex has 9 styles you can choose from - EasyIndex Plus has 26 styles, including Pinterest style galleries.

Second, although EasyIndex comes standard with default formatting that will work "out of the box", you can easily change things like HTML tags, fonts and colors used for headings and text.

Third, you can add your own custom CSS if you want extra control.

Finally, Live Formatting in EasyIndex Plus lets you change almost every CSS style on every index element and you can see the effect of your changes as you make them

How much does it cost?

The standard plugin is free.

The Plus version which has more options and capabilities, is $34.95. This includes 12 months free updates and support.

There is an optional maintenance program you can elect to join after 12 months which will give you ongoing updates and support

Is there a disount for EasyRecipe Plus users?


If you're an EasyRecipe Plus user, just enter your EasyRecipe license key as the dicount code on the order page and get a 15% discount

Is there a disount for multiple sites?


If you purchase a license for more than one site in a single order, you'll get discounts for each additional site you license.

What if I buy and it doesn't work for me?

We know that our plugins won't always do what do what the customer expects, or can have incompatibilities with some themes and other plgins.

That's why we offer a "no questions asked" guarantee. If you let us know within 30 days of purchase that for whatever reason, it's not working as you want it to, we'll happily refund your money.

Is it supported?

We have a support site where you can read the documentation, view instructional videos and post support tickets.

For EasyIndex Plus users, we'll do our best to answer every support ticket within 24 hours (it may take a little longer on weekends and holidays).

We'll try to get to support tickets from users of the free plugin within a week.

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